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Submitted by Lisa    (03-Feb-14)
My daughter Sarah has been dealing with depression for sometime. She has been drinking heavily, using various drugs like marijuana, pills, cocaine, and maybe bath salts. She is engaging in sexual promiscuity and getting herself into some very dangerous situations. She is married and there was some infidelity on her husbands part that seems to have been the spark that started the fire. He has said he repented and has tried everything to stay with her and get her through this, and I have tried to help her as well. Now he has left her. She lives in a different state than I do, so she has no one there to turn to. She has left home and we have only received one call from an unknown location. We don't know if she's safe or not. Please pray that the Lord will deliver her from these addictions, get her away from those who are just using her up, and bring her safely home.
Prayer Request:
Sarah's deliverance from the depression and addictions she has, and for her safe return to her family.

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