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Submitted by Tyler    (03-Feb-14)
I have been struggling with a sin in my life that keeps coming back and I really need some prayer of deliverance. I believe in the Lord and know what His word says. I struggle with looking at unclean things on the internet and it has really hindered my relationship with God and I want to be closer to Him more than ever and it has been really hard for me to feel the closeness with Him.
Prayer Request:
Please pray for deliverance from my sin of looking at unclean videos and things on the internet, please pray that the power of God will set me free and that I may draw closer to Him more than ever. Pray that God will come in and restore and renew my heart for Him. I want greater intimacy with Him above everything else and I want to feel His presence in my life. I trust in the Lord for what He will do in my life, Thank You

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