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Submitted by JOHN    (22-Apr-14)
Due to my wife huge cancer expenses for treatments, the copays for medicines and other expenses for her invalid mother, we are in such a deep financial hole I see no way out. I have a brand new job awaiting me but I have to travel to Dallas, TX to go through orientation for 4 days. Do not have the money for gasoline to getr there. Once the orientation and required physical are completed and passed, I will have an opportunity to be a GODLY PROVIDER FOR MY SICK WIFE, OUR 6 YEAR OLD ADOPTED DAUGHTER AND MY INVALID MOTHER IN LAW WHO IS A WIDOW AND WHO LIVES WITH US. I HAVE ONLY BEEN WORKING 2 DAYS PER WEEK FOR SOME TIME AND WE HAD TO GIVE UP OUR HOME IN NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO MEET OUR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES. I HAVE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE DEPRESSION AS I HAVE A TWIN DAUGHTER IN ALABAMA IN SUCH POOR HEALTH THE DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HER AND I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO MAKE THE NEEDED TRIP TO BE WITH HER AND MY 3 YEAR OLD GRANDSON WHO IS SCARED HE IS GOING TO LOSE HIS MOMMY!
Prayer Request:
That God will supply $20,000 out of the $350,000 the devil stole from me after the death of my parents. My mother left me $50,000 and the Bible says that the devil owes me seven times what he stole from me. I am not even counting the $1 million stolen from me after the death fo my father and his business partner (his older brother). My uncle's widow stole my birthright and my inheritance plus valuable real estate that my family owned. I have no siblings and my uncle never had children. I need a fresh start financially along with this new job. If I do not come up with needed funds, I will be unable to travel to Dallas TX for the orientation. I just cannot see God allowing that to happen, but my faith is so week as we have gone from one crisis to another, I have to have God's people interceding for me or the Ray family will not make it!!!!!

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